We believe that every child deserves to be valued and supported by their local community. We believe children thrive in a family setting with parental figures empowered to succeed, equipped with quality resources, and connected to the community around them. We believe that ordinary people can foster hope and change a life. And, we believe that education and collaboration are key in changing the future for Arizona’s children.

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With over 800 youth transitioning out of foster care each year, there is a large need for safe places where young adults can gain stability living independently while learning real-life skills needed to be successful long-term. 
Foster Arizona Housing Project launched in March 2018 with four young adult participants involved in transitional housing and continues to expand the program to further support Arizona’s young adults.
Foster Arizona Housing Project exists to educate, encourage, and empower Arizonans to positively impact the lives of young adults transitioning out of foster care.

Young Adult Housing Program

Foster Arizona Housing Project, established in 2018, was derived from the work of Foster Arizona with a mission to bridge the gap between impacting kids in foster care to impacting youth as they transition out of foster care.

The impact is profound, yet the strategy is simple. The kids get the chance to be, well, kids. 
Through the years, Foster Arizona has been able to connect hundreds of community members with thousands of kids currently in foster care. We have expanded our program to include the participation of entire families and group homes allowing for deeper connections to the family unit kids in foster care are currently placed with.

Kid Connection Initiatives

The Kid Connection Initiatives program aspires to make a multi-targeted impact, striving to benefit not only the thousands of kids in foster care but also hundreds of members of our own community who have the opportunity to connect with foster children and youth in a normalized environment.

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An open-sourced online community for anyone helping children and youth facing adversity find:

Foster Cooperative

Foster Cooperative 


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Through Real Stories, Fostering Voices Podcast, Educational Videos, and more, we strive to connect the community in meaningful ways to foster care. 

Education Initiatives

The Impact of Implicit Bias- Bridget's Story

Overcoming Addiction: A Birth Mom’s Journey

Co-Parenting in Foster Care

Aging Out of Foster Care

Inside Look at Fostering

Birth Children Speak About Foster Care

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