1093 Days

1093 Days. Our journey through foster care and adoption lasted over 3 years, however the majority of this journey was wrapped up in the 1093 days we cared for our little Chloe. I picked Chloe up from the hospital on December 12, 2012 when she was two weeks old. She was emaciated and the nurses doubted that she had been properly cared for during those first two weeks. We later found out that Chloe’s mom had used drugs while pregnant with her and gave birth to her at home. After two weeks, she dropped Chloe off with her dad who unfortunately could not care for her due to a traumatic brain injury sustained by a motorcycle accident years earlier.

FB_IMG_14725939934871093 days later, on December 10th, 2015, we were able to adopt Chloe. We spent much of those days fighting for her. In the beginning, we did everything we could to keep in contact with her biological family. We went into this process hoping that Chloe would be able to go home. We maintained connections with her family through her amazing grandmother who always remained very supportive of my wife and I. As months (and subsequent years) passed, we realized that the chances of her returning home were growing increasingly slim. It was at this point we realized that it was in Chloe’s best interest that she becomes a permanent part of our family. The Foster Care system in Arizona is far from perfect; however we were blessed with a tremendous team of workers including her DCS Case Worker and her Guardian Ad Litem who fought for her as well. In addition to fighting for her, much of these 1093 days were spent waiting and being patient. Everything within the system is a process and takes time. We spent many of those days making phone calls and waiting for phone calls to see where things were at. Because she was born at home, Chloe did FB_IMG_1472593913559not have a birth certificate so we waited for one to be issued. It was very frustrating and challenging at times, but it helped to know that we were not
doing this for us. We were fighting for Chloe. It also helped to have the privilege of watching Chloe flourish. We got to watch her first steps, listen to her first words. We were there for her first haircut (my wife was even there when she gave herself her second haircut). Remembering those times always made it easier to keep fighting or to wait and be patient.

FB_IMG_1472593959409Since adopting Chloe, I often reflect on our journey. I barely remember the frustrating times. I remember the time we were at Disneyland and she met Princess Elsa. I remember the times we went to Wet N Wild and seeing the joy on her face while going down the slides. It is in those moments I realize just how humbling it is to be used by God. Without God giving us the opportunity to care for Chloe, she may not have been able to experience these moments. It is also in those moments that I know it as all worth it. All of the fighting and all of the waiting was worth it.

I would like to encourage you, if you feel led, to begin this journey. It is not easy. The entire process to get licensed for foster care can take between 4-8 months. It involves 33 hours of training, a home inspection, someone coming into your home to complete a home study on your life. It involves fighting and speaking up at times, as well as remaining quiet and being patient. But it is all worth it.

Bobby Avina

Foster Care/Adoptive Family Recruiter

Christian Family Care – 602-396-2532


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