18th Birthday = Eviction Day

The average teenager approaches their eighteenth birthday with mixed emotions. Excitement about obtaining new freedoms is often accompanied with fear about the inordinate responsibilities associated with adulthood. For a foster child, these emotions can be especially overwhelming when their foster home is no longer an option for where to live. Where do they go? Who can they trust? Who will protect them on the streets or provide a safe place to live?

I am Angelese Calderon. I grew up in a broken home filled with suicide attempts, drug use, and abuse. Having lived on my own when I was only fifteen years old, I know the struggles many of these young adults are facing. For the past twenty-two years, I have worked with special-needs children and adults to improve their quality of life. I have fostered both children and adults until 2013, when the court finalized the adoption of my fifth child.

With a desire to do more and a love for tiny homes, I founded Eagle Pathway, a 501c3 Arizona Nonprofit Corporation. The intent of Eagle Pathway is to develop a Christian-based, safe, educational home environment for young women and their children who are exiting foster care programs. Young women departing their foster homes often lack options for safe housing. Not only might they feel abandoned, but many young women, especially those who are teenage mothers, need additional guidance to develop a feasible plan for their future.

At Eagle Pathway, we offer a variety of ways to assist youth who are exiting foster homes. There are numerous ways to provide support and get involved. First, we are in need of monetary donations to help offset the cost of building tiny-home communities. All donations are tax-deductible and with your generous support we can build tiny-home communities and provide safe housing to our youth. We also provide clothing, household items, and baby items from our “clothing closet.” We also offer assistance for developing social skills and strategies for obtaining education and job opportunities. This is facilitated by connecting youth with successful mentors who aid in the development of these skills and strategies. We are currently seeking mentors to join our team at Eagle Pathway. Your invaluable time and support will have a great impact on their lives and futures. Join our team and make a huge difference in the lives of these wonderful teenagers. Won’t you help our “birthday girls?”

Angelese Calderon

Eagle Pathway Founder/ CEO

916 380 1032

480 225 6664


*Eagle Pathway is a 501c3 Arizona Nonprofit Corporation and is a sponsored project of the Technical Assistance Partnership of Arizona (TAPAZ). Donations are tax deductible. www.tapaz.org/eagle-pathway-

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