2019: A Year of Building

Last year at this time, we were excitedly waiting for the close of the property that would become our office and home base for those we connect with and serve.  We walked the property and dreamed of what 2019 would look like. We planned out the scheduled events, what our films would be, the education we wanted to focus on, and we dreamed some more. Although there are many pieces of 2019 that matched our plans, this year really became abundantly more than we expected.

The most humbling gift I have received in the 6 years since Foster Arizona first became a reality has been experiencing the heart of the people in our community that actively work to build hope into the lives of others. And, this year, you showed up big time. Together in 2019,

  • We’ve held 6 Kid Connection Events that have connected 900 kids
  • Our community has given 7,500 hours –totaling $181,950 in community impact just through human equity.
  • We’ve Filmed 13 adoptable kids and have a placement rate of over 65%
  • We’ve gone from no space to owning 2 properties – with one property owned free and clear due to the support of a family and belief that we can build hope together.
  • We’ve remodeled 4 apartments and an entire office that has increased our ability to collaborate and connect with the community.
  • We’ve increased our housing capacity from 10 beds to 22 and have had 29 young adults, this year alone, housed in fully furnished apartments – every item donated by you.
  • Tore down 5 trees, filled in a swimming pool, and tackled the mystery of irrigation
  • We opened a pantry that has been continuing to be stocked by your generosity so that none of our housing young adults will go hungry.

We’ve had challenging days and we have had mountain top moments. Building Hope is hard work but we have been in it together. We will continue to build hope into 2020 because we as a community sit in agreement that even one child living a reality absent of hope is too many. We will continue to link arms to fill the gap because, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it’s not.” Thank you for caring a whole awful lot.

Kim Vehon

Founder/CEO Foster Arizona

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