5 Tips to Assist Families with Preservation and Stabilization

Catholic Charities mission is to serve the community’s most vulnerable with solutions that permanently improve lives. In-Home Services at Catholic Charities has provided placement support services to temporary placement and Foster Care Parents for over five years in Maricopa County and Northern Arizona. Through our services, we provide parents, who at times are just as vulnerable as their children, with skills and information that will allow them to keep their children safe and keep the family together thus reducing child abuse and neglect

Our teams work with families in their home at convenient times according to the families’ schedules. We provide parenting education, resource information, and short term counseling to make sure the children are safe and their needs are met.  Families also learn how the effects of parental behaviors such as substance abuse, domestic violence, and unaddressed mental health can negatively affect their children,

Families that successfully complete In-Home Family Preservation Services are less likely to have another investigation open because they gain tools to parent their children while reducing the risk of abuse and neglect. Typically, families who complete Family Reunification Services have their children back in the home within 30 days of starting services. Our services can be accessed through referrals from the Department of Child Safety.

Here are some tips to assist families with preservation and stabilization from our team to your’s.

  • Have constant and open communication with the children’s case managers (DCS or high needs).
  • Make sure the children receive the proper evaluations for behavior challenges.
  • Be Trauma Informed and trained. Look to foster care agencies for training.
  • Make sure that children in your care receive trauma therapy.
  • Have constant and open communication with the school(s) your child or children attend.

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Amada Parra

Sr. Program Manager

Catholic Charities-AZPAC

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