Question: Is it ok for my foster child to Facetime with their birth family?

When asking a question about contact with birth family, the first thing I recommend is get permission from the case manager. They are your foster child’s legal guardian for the length of time they are in foster care and you do not want to make a decision like this without their approval.


The second thing I recommend is deciding if this is something you are comfortable with. If the case manager says it is ok and you decide you are comfortable, I would then set boundaries on what this looks like so that everyone is on the same page with expectations. Are you going to Facetime every night? Once a week? It easier start with less and work forward than it is to start with a lot and then ease off once you have already set an expectation for more.


When safe and approved, I always recommend finding ways to have positive interactions with the birth family. It helps build trust not only with the birth family but with your foster child.

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