Best Day Ever

“This was the BEST DAY of my LIFE!” Last night, these words came across my email; sent by a group home leader quoting a child who participated in our Kid Connection Event: Take a Child to Work.

Spending the day in a work environment hanging out with adults that before yesterday were strangers ranked as one of their best days ever. My mind keeps thinking of the simplicity of it all. No doubt, it took a lot of work and coordination to manage all the locations, volunteers, and kid registrations. It took businesses and adults giving up valuable time to plan activities and invest in kids that are not their own. It was collaboration at it’s finest and the fruit of all that effort was simply connection.

The greatest gift we can give to kids in foster care is connection; knowing that they are seen as valuable and that the community around them cares that they succeed enough to take the time to connect.  As the morning events drew to a close and the day’s stories were told, it became clear that this is exactly what happened.

With 17,000 kids in foster care, we have at least 17,000 reasons to take the time to connect. For more information on our next Kid Connection Event and ways you can make a practical impact on the lives of kids in foster care, check out our next Kid Connection Event: School Ready here:

Kim Vehon

Founder/CEO Foster Arizona

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