Childhelp Brings the Light of Love and Healing into the Lives of Arizona’s Children

For more than 56 years, Childhelp has served the needs of abused and neglected children across the country. As a leading national non-profit, dedicated to the prevention, intervention and treatment of child abuse, Childhelp has brought the light of love and healing into the lives of more than nine million abused and neglected children.

The Childhelp Children’s Center of Arizona, Childhelp Mobile Advocacy Center of Northern Arizona and the Childhelp Community Center provide much-needed services to Arizona families, as do the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline and Childhelp Speak Up Be Safe prevention program, which are both based in Childhelp’s Phoenix headquarters and serve children, families and communities nationwide.

With the current crisis of more than 20,000 children in AZ Foster Care, Childhelp has taken an active role in providing for the needs of these children through the creation of the temporary Placement Facility in Phoenix which saw over 5000 children during the nine months that it was located in the building with our Advocacy Center in Phoenix. After that temporary contract ended between DCS and the City of Phoenix, Childhelp provided everything needed to care for the children awaiting placements at the DCS office.

As Childhelp focuses on a long-term solution to the State’s crisis, planning and partnerships are underway to provide the children in our state the BEST outcomes through focused and dedicated people and programs that will change the future for all of Arizona’s children. It is our goal at Childhelp to raise the standard of care for these hurting little ones, and to provide a system of support that starts with prevention, and covers every area that leads to a healed and whole adult that is equipped and ready to succeed in the world.

We need individuals that can give of their time, talents, financial support and of course their homes and hearts for our most vulnerable. Childhelp has created two groups in AZ that offer the community a way to participate and make a real difference in these hurting little lives. Our Phoenix Chapter and our Childhelp Wings Group both do amazing things to support the prevention, intervention and treatment of child abuse in Arizona.

The Childhelp Phoenix Chapter members are regular people with exceptional hearts that are willing to support the programs and mission of Childhelp through fundraising events, awareness projects, volunteering in our Childhelp Advocacy Center Playroom and truly making an impact for abused and neglected children in AZ.

Childhelp Wings is for families to support abused and neglected children together as they meet monthly to perform various service projects. The Wings group quips the next generation to be champions for abused children. The group members also hold an annual fashion show event to raise funds for the AZ programs, and the children in the group are all models in the show. That is a favorite for most of the children, and the parents each year. The Wings Group raised over $75,000 last year with as few as 20 or so members, as well as provided Christmas gifts to nearly 100 children and families and so much more!

Visit our website to learn more about these volunteer groups and join the fight to end child abuse.

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