Children Need Families, Families Need Community

At Arizona 1.27 this is one of our deepest convictions. Specifically, we believe that churches make great communities for families.

The starting point for any family in becoming a foster, adoptive, or kinship family is Orientation. We are blessed in Arizona to have many options for Orientations happening all the time—from Kids Consortium Orientations, to agency-specific Orientations to AZ 1.27 Orientations.

AZ 1.27 Orientations cover the needed state requirements and also add a faith overlay to the licensing process. From Orientation we encourage families to attend Basic Training, a one day faith training that helps a family evaluate whether this is the right season and role for them to contribute to caring for a child in foster care.

The final distinct component of the AZ 1.27 pathway is a training which helps families build “Wrap Around Teams”. Wrap Around Teams are made from a family’s natural connections and will hopefully include people from their church or “small group” who will journey with the family in an educated and empathetic way.

What should also be noted is that AZ 1.27 is a partnership of churches—simply for churches and by churches. So our ultimate goal is to root a family not in AZ 1.27 but in their local church who will provide ongoing care for and help connect them to the broader community of foster, adoptive, and kinship families in their church community.

For upcoming AZ 1.27 Orientations you can check out or email us anytime at

Danielle Bannister
AZ 1.27 Director

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