Dear Young Adult Starting your Transition out of Foster Care

Dear young adult starting your transition out of foster care:


On behalf of the community, I want you to know we see you; not for the “foster” label you have been forced to wear, the label that sticks with you even as you move forward into adulthood, the one that tries to threaten your future.  No, we see you for you, full of potential with a strength that only comes from staring in the face of adversity and choosing to fight for a better tomorrow. We see that you bring unique gifts and a distinctive view that holds the ability to enrich our community and make us stronger if we would take the time to listen.

We are sorry that we have failed to listen. And, as a result, we accept that trust has been broken but, we ask that you would try again to connect with us so that we can learn from each other. We acknowledge there are those around us that will marginalize you and assume the worst in you but, we hope you know that they are small in number and that those cheering for you far surpass the nay-sayers.

When you are ready, resources are here for you; given by tens of thousands of your neighbors who want to see you succeed-who believe you can and will succeed. Those same neighbors are offering you a hand to pick you up when you fall and pat you on the back with every accomplishment you achieve because you are a valuable part of this community!


For more information on making a positive impact in the lives of young adults transitioning out of foster care, contact


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