Every Child Needs To Know they Matter and That They are Worth The Fight

I remember feeling terrified as I met my Foster family for the first time as a very scared 16 year old.

My old life, all I had ever known, had been torn apart in a single moment of chaos and now a whirlwind of new people, therapists, caseworkers, and probation officers flooded my life. It was just too much for me to take.

I ran away from foster care and never looked back.
And NO ONE ever came looking for me.
I just “grew up”.
I aged out.

I oftened wondered if I mattered and if I was worth the fight. I had so many questions.

Today, I am blessed to have gone back to school and completed college. My husband and I have adopted 6 amazing children with their own unique stories from Arizona’s foster care system- all who were definitely worth the fight.

Some of our cases were tougher than others, but at the end of the day, making every child feel wanted and loved was our goal.

I have looked at foster care from both sides of the looking glass and I will say that these children WANT to know someone is there for them.

From the toddler who rages through the night, to the teenager who screams profanity and slams their door in your face. Deep down, the desire is the same; all children speaking the same unspoken language; “don’t give up on me, help me, advocate for me, fight for me, cheer for me, encourage me, but most of all love me for me”.

Recently after closing our foster license, a new chapter has opened in my life to continue to help advocate for Arizona’s most vulnerable children. I felt inspired to make positive Legislative changes within our great state and now spend a lot of my time down at the Capital telling my story and advocating for Arizona’s children.

You and I have the ability to change lives just by participating and voting on Legislative bills each session that will positively or negatively affect foster/adoptive children and their families.

I encourage you to get involved.
Know what is happening in your Legislative district.
Contact your Senators and Representatives
And let them know what is important to you.

Every Child Matters.
Arizona’s Children Matter.
They need to know someone is fighting the good fight for them and that they are worth it!

Erin Freeman

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