Families that Have Hope will Thrive

Thrive Foster Care Prevention and Reunification is another great ministry offered by the Phoenix Dream Center. 

Our mission is to provide Hope for a positive future for at risk families by providing basic resources so that the family can THRIVE.

Thrive Foster Care Prevention and Reunification provides a support system for biological parents, kinship and foster parents. 

The passion for Thrive came from our experiences of being foster parents ourselves and the relationships we were developing with the bio parents. As well as becoming aware of the strongholds that brought these families into crisis. 

Our compassion for these families and experiences we had with the children being removed from their families called us to provide a support system to help families navigate the foster care system, help create stability, provide basic needs and give HOPE to these families. 

Thrive works alongside of the Arizona Department of Child Safety (DCS) caseworkers, school social workers and shelters to provide the basic needs, safe sleep and connect families to community support. 

Meet Jennifer a Thrive success story… One year ago Jennifer, a single mother of 2, found herself pregnant again and in an abusive relationship. Her older two children had been removed from her home after it was deemed unsafe and her unfit. Jennifer had no support, no hope and no dreams for her future. She desperately wanted her children back, she wanted to be a mother and she wanted to feel some success as a parent, but the cycle of domestic violence is a difficult one to turn around. She spent months trying to navigate through the Arizona Foster Care System, trying to get her kids back, without any support, resources or success. That’s when Thrive stepped in. Jennifer was referred to our organization by DCS. That caseworker knew that if Jennifer could get the support she needed, she might be able to reunite with her children and create a home for the new baby. After meeting with Jennifer, Thrive was able to put a plan of action into place and offered her the resources and support needed to not only navigate the Foster Care system but to reunify her family. Thrive was also able to provide her with the DCS requirements for her to get her children back, but they also offered the ongoing support that she never had so that she could create a new chapter in her life.

Jennifer has a “normal” life now, a home, a car, a job, but most importantly, her family. This is the important work that Thrive is doing to break the cycle of the foster care, to reunify families through education and support and to ensure long-term success of their clients

Since launching in August 2016 we have served more than 67 families, served over 200 children, delivered over 86 brand new beds, supported 31 reunifications and worked to prevent 20 families at risk for removal. 

We do this by community partners and by individuals donating unwanted household items. We take the items and create a home for a family in crisis. 

“A family that has hope will THRIVE”~Teri Vogel

Steve and Teri Vogel 

Thrive Foster Care Prevention and Reunification Directors

To learn how you can help or donate to Thrive: 



PHOENIX, AZ 85017 

PHONE: 949-297-6153


For a video on how Thrive is impacting our Foster Care community:



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