Fearlessly Me

Be Fearless: Women Empowerment Event from the perspective of a child in foster care:

The women empowerment event I went to was great, I love how they just encouraged the girls to be who they are and not hide who they are. Dimon was a great example- when people call you names or make fun of you it’s because you aren’t scared to show yourself. You don’t have to be like everybody else or have the same exact dream everybody else has.

My host was amazing, we talked about what I liked to do for fun or what I am into, we even talked about how my grades are looking like and which subject I like. I am so happy that Foster Arizona put on this event because all of us girls had a great time. I could see it in their faces that they loved going shopping, getting their hair done, and getting faces washed and I did too.

One of the leaders is my foster mom and she has helped me go through tough situations. I am really happy that I get to be her daughter.

Thank you to Kim and the other volunteers for helping me express who I am at that event, it really helped me understand that I don’t have to hide who I am from other people. If I like who I am that is all that matters. If people don’t like that I am doing that well then too bad because I am going to stick with my true self. I am not going to change myself just for the few people who don’t support me.

A Child in Foster Care

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