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I am a closet Christmas lover. You would not know it from meeting me. I don’t wear Christmas sweaters or have public countdowns but, I am one of those people that get excited when I hear 99.9 KEZ start their 24/7 Christmas music loveliness. I love the lights, the colder weather, and the magic that hangs in the air right along with the fresh smell of Christmas trees. Growing up, I knew that no matter what happened the day before or the day after, Christmas day was always a day that my family would be together and we would do our best to love each other and those around us just a little better.

12-2-blog-fj2k15_005-6Now that I have my own family, the magic of Christmas has only grown brighter. There is something special that happens when you see wonder and joy through the eyes of your child. What I more recently realized is how special it would be to see that same wonder and joy in a child I have never met; a child that has a lot of reasons to not have joy this Christmas season.

12-2-blog-fj2k15_003-1Two Christmases ago, we had a crazy idea to give kids in foster group homes a day of fun; a day to grab hold of the joy of the holidays and just be a kid. We asked people to join with us and, as a result, we were able to give just over 150 kids a special day of fun. Last year, that number grew to over 250 and this year we hope to have over 300 kids participate. Why? Because every kid deserves to be loved; especially at Christmas and especially these kids who have gone through so much.

12-2-blog-new-times_one-ticket-2Would you consider joining us this holiday season? Could you sponsor a child, volunteer, share the opportunities with those you know? This season, give the gift of joy, laughter…the gift of a moment! One Ticket. One Kid. One Day….they’re worth the investment.


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Kim Vehon

Founder/CEO Foster Arizona


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