It takes a village…of people AND businesses

For thousands of years children have been raised in village settings. Cultures all around the world rely on support from their friends, neighbors and family members to encourage, educate and love their children and to help them become contributing members of their society. Today’s world is not so very different than that.

The thousands and thousands of children in the Arizona foster care system need our help, our love and our support.

They need a village.

We can be that for them…and it is so much easier than you would think. Even the smallest gesture can have a huge impact. That’s what the Foster Arizona Kid Connection events are all about.

The most important thing I realized as a part of the first event that Bashas’ supported is that these kids are just that…they’re kids. Just like every other kid. They’re funny, they’re smart, they’re interesting and they’re curious about the world around them.

All of us have a stake in their well-being, their education and their empowerment. They are the next leaders of our society and we have a responsibility to support them in becoming the greatest people they can be.

And that leads us to how Bashas’ is trying to make an impact.

Now let me ask you a basic question: How did you learn to cook? How did you learn to shop for groceries? How did you learn what was good or bad for you to eat? Maybe your mother. Maybe your father. Maybe an aunt, an uncle or your grandparent.  Those people…are your village.

These kids are growing up without a village around them. Time to take action.

As a local, family-owned-and-operated company, Bashas’ understands the important role that the community can play in someone’s life.  It’s not just up to the families of our community to step-in and help these kids, companies need to play a role too.

Each year hundreds of teenagers in foster care will age-out of the system with very little support and guidance on some of the most basic of life tasks…like grocery shopping! And that just happens to be a task we know a little something about.


It was an honor to bring these teens into our store and teach them the very basics of shopping on a budget, basic nutrition label reading and encouraging them to explore the world of food without fear. Our goal? Remind these kids that they ARE capable and they CAN take control of their lives and we are part of the village that will support them on their journey.

This is how we’re building their village. What can you do?

Ashley Shick

Bashas’ Director of Communication & Public Affairs

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