Let Hope Shine Brighter

I have always enjoyed watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” because it reminds me that every single person is significant. Whether we know the ways we make a difference to others or whether we wonder if we are making a difference at all, the truth is, it is nearly impossible not to touch lives around you and we all have the ability to choose to positively impact another.

Foster Arizona is all about helping the community find ways to positively impact the lives of kids in foster care because we have seen story after story of how one person can change the direction of a child’s future. As we have spent time dreaming about what is to come in 2018, we are excited to offer more opportunities for lives to intersect through Kid Connection Events. (If you have yet to experience one of these events, I hope you will make a point to join us. You won’t regret the time you spend with the kids.) We will continue to share stories of kids looking for their forever families and hope to work together to get those stories out to potential families.  We have some great content coming on the blog and amazing stories of how people like you and me have changed a child’s life through our Real Stories but, nothing makes me more excited than the work we are branching into for those aging out of foster care.

The most at risk population in foster care are the teenagers. We have shared our plan to start a housing pilot and look forward to sharing more exciting developments with you as we are able. For now, we want to say that we believe that these young adults matter deeply. The positive impact that they could have on our community if we take the time to invest in them is immeasurable. We will share stories of their struggles because we believe that indifference happens when there is a lack of understanding. Their stories are worth telling. We will share opportunities for you to partner with us. We know the greatest impact will come with us linking arms and working together. Our goal for 2018 is to have hope shine a bit brighter. We hope you will join us.

Kim Vehon

Founder & CEO Foster Arizona

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