Marketing Kids?

No kid should have to beg for a family. In fact, there is something incredibly wrong with a child having to market themselves to show the world that they are worthy of having a place to belong. Yet, at Foster Arizona, we help them do exactly that.


Why? Because I have yet to see another way. Every year more than 800 young adults age out of foster care without a family. EVERY YEAR. And, there are hundreds more sitting in the system considered unadoptable simply because there are not enough families willing to take in teenagers. The first time I heard that kids seven years old and older are a challenge to find forever families for, I was speechless. Seven years old. That means a second grader is at risk of aging out of foster care. How can that be?


Can you imagine growing up wondering if someone will find you worthy of adopting? In Arizona there are hundreds of kids that do not have to imagine this. They think and feel the insecurity of that every day. The only way this will change is if, together, we change it.


Please know that when you watch our Meet the Kids videos, you are sharing in a special moment. Each one of these beautiful kids and young adults has chosen to put themselves out there in hopes that, by doing so, they will find a family that will keep them safe, love them, and believe that they are capable of finding their place in the world. They still have hope. There is nothing worse than watching hope fade. As we are finalizing 3 more stories to share- 3 more kids in need of families, my hope is that we would not forget to continue sharing the stories of those that are still waiting. You can see and share their stories from Foster Arizona’s Meet the Kids page here


Thank you for following and sharing our blog. Education is the first step to empower action and there has never been a time more in need of action than now.


Kim Vehon

Chief Executive Officer




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