Matching a Need with Your Strengths

I volunteer for Foster Arizona, and much of my time is involved with facilities-related projects.  I had been looking for a fit for a while, to match my time and abilities with an organization that has a purpose and a need. My wife would tell you I might be justifying my cool tool collection.

I learned about Foster Arizona through mutual friends that were involved in ways that match their time and abilities too.  They shared why Foster Arizona was important and personal to them.  It is inviting to be part of a mission when the mission involves people you like, who genuinely like what they’re doing and believe in the cause.

My involvement is perpetuated with success.  Foster Arizona has an impact in the community, measured in the connections created with families that consider or have taken the leap in fostering and adopting. The success is strengthened by the relationships promoted with the young men and women that call a Foster Arizona property “Home”; watching them practice adulting in a safe environment is wildly rewarding.  To have a hand in that success is humbling.

I invite you to see a need that matches your strengths. Tell your friends and family  about your excitement and the see the impact it can have in our community. The fulfillment is contagious.









Jason Crouch

Foster Arizona and FAHP Volunteer

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