Meet Amaria

Every child we meet is special. No two stories have or will ever be alike. That is part of the joy we get from sharing the stories of adoptable kids in Arizona. But, one thing tends to be the same. Each time, we connect with eyes of kids filled with hope. They dream of what the family that will want them will be like. Not a foster family or a place to temporarily take care of them but, a family that they can call their own- a place to belong and feel connected to for as long as they live.

Amaria is one of these kids. We sat down with her in March in order to help her share with you and others her desire to find a family that will love her forever. She is adorable, fun, and has a smile that lights up a room. More than anything she wants to have a family of her own. Would you consider watching and sharing her story so that the perfect family has a chance to meet this wonderful girl?

Visit to meet more kids like Amaria waiting for their forever families.

Kim Vehon

CEO – Foster Arizona

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