Meet Our Team: April

April is technically a native Arizonan being born in Tucson but it wasn’t long before her Air Force family was on the move to several other states (California, Ohio, Washington DC, Florida) as well as Brindisi, Italy.  She returned to Arizona from overseas in 1986 for high school in Tempe and has lived in the East Valley ever since.  She graduated from Arizona State University in 1995 with her bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education and taught Chem-Physics and Biology at Gilbert High School for 4 years.  Her true passion is raising her family along with her husband, Chris. April met Kim while she was volunteering on the Sun Valley Foster Care Ministry team in January 2015 and has been on the lead team helping with events, volunteer engagement, and fundraising ever since. She runs the weekly Blog and is the Decor committee lead for the annual Gala.


What is your favorite food?

  • I love Italian food and chocolate chip cookies!

What do you love about Arizona/how long have you lived here?

  • I love that our families lives close by and that I have been able to enjoy longtime friendships living in one place for 34 years.

What matters most to you?

  • My relationships with family, friends and God. I also love animals and along with my family take care of a small farm.

What is on the top of your bucket list?

  • I love to travel so there are still lots of places on my list- Nashville, Costa Rica, and many islands! I’d love to take our kids back to Savignano Irpino, Italy (the birthplace of our Italian  ancestors) and show them around the cute town as well as take them to where I lived in Italy.

What is your favorite quote?

  • When you know better, you do better. -Maya Angelou

What is on your music play list?

  • I love anything Country, but like popular music also.

What books have you read recently?

  • I actually enjoy reading magazines, short and to the point with pictures. =)

Why do you volunteer with Foster Arizona?

  • I love that the heart of the organization loves children!

What drew you to making a difference in foster care?

  • I have an adopted sister and my heart breaks for kids who by no fault of their own are suffering.

What impact do you want to make for kids?

  • For the same reason as to why I went into teaching, if I can touch just one life and make it a little better, then the time and emotion spent is worth it in the end.

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