Meet Our Team: Kathy

As one of the founding board members, Kathy has been a part of Foster Arizona’s leadership from the very beginning. Through the years she has continued to play an important role in the leadership of Foster Arizona. She currently serves as Finance Director for Sun Valley Community Church and has over 20 years of experience in non-profit accounting. Kathy’s extensive knowledge of finances, heart for the community, and desire to bring awareness of the need kids in foster care to have to make connections have helped shape Foster Arizona into who we are today. Kathy enjoys Diamondbacks baseball and working with her entrepreneur daughter in her new business. When not working or giving of her time, Kathy enjoys her role as wife, mother, and grandmother. Family holds an important place in Kathy’s life and she desires for all kids to have a family they can call their own.

A Glimpse Inside…

What is your favorite food? 

  • Chocolate

What is on your music playlist?

  • Etta, Aretha, The Piano Guys, and the Beatles

What books have you recently read?

  • The Closer by Mariano Rivera

What do you love about Arizona?

  • I have lived here all my life and love the beautiful desert scenery, unique wildlife, and amazing weather

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