My Adoption Story

It all started when my caseworker planned a visit with my (adoptive) parents. Of course, I was really scared but my brother was fine- he’s the brave one out of us two. A cab came to pick us up to have a weekend visit with them. At first it was really weird and awkward but then we started bonding really well and I ended up calling them mom and dad after the second visit. At the end of June, we finally moved in with them and it felt safe, I felt happy. I am in school and it’s amazing, I love it here. My brother got removed from my house and it hurt to see him go but I know that it was best for everybody in the house including my brother. My caseworker asked me if I still wanted to be adopted and I said yes. After months of waiting for my next court check in, my adoption day was scheduled for 2 weeks later!

I was so excited, me and my therapist, Alex, talked all about the adoption. I was really nervous because being adopted without my brother makes me worried about being able to stay in contact with him. He is my best friend. My creative mom designed adoption day shirts which we wore to the court. Everybody kept saying congratulations to us and I was really happy. When it started, they asked certain questions and my mom started crying (but she said she wasn’t crying- her eyes were just sweaty). I am officially adopted and it feels so good to be out of foster care, after 5 years. Not having my brother with me sucks but my mom and dad are working on keeping us connected. They also help me keep relationships with my other biological family members.

I just want to thank my mom and dad for caring for me, taking me in, and just always being there for me even when I am a brat, (one day I hope to stop being a brat- but probably never :D).

To all the kids in the system- being in foster care sucks, especially when you have been in the system for a couple years but it will get better! There are people out there who care for you and will always be there for you whenever you need them so don’t lose hope that you will find them.

Silencia Uraine

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