Not Just My Story

Four years ago I was a mother of four- not seven. I had only been a foster parent for a year and when it came to foster care I knew just the easy-to-see tip of the iceberg stuff. I had no clue how to start let alone run a business. I had little resources and no real understanding of all it would take to bring Foster Arizona to life but I had a dream of what could be.

Four years later, I can say there have been some gigantic obstacles we have faced. Through the high points and the lows, I have learned so much and met the most resilient kids and amazing community members. I have seen first hand how generous our community can be. I have discovered the joys of volunteering with people who give time and energy month after month with only a full heart as payment for their perseverance. I have seen how much can be done with little when we link arms together. But more than anything, I have gotten to sit in the front row as people’s hearts open up to kids in foster care for the first time.

Foster Arizona’s story is not just my story. It is our story. If you have volunteered, shared our videos, been vulnerable enough to be in a video, written a blog, found your niche to connect with a child in foster care, financially supported our work, or linked arms with us you are forever a part of who we are. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you. We would not be who we are today without you.

Your story matters to us and we want to include you in our celebration. Would you help us by sharing how Foster Arizona has made a difference in your story? Tag us in a social media post or share your story via email ( . Three entries will be selected via a drawing to win a $25 Harkins gift cards.

We are excited for where this next year will take us! Here’s to impacting lives together.

Kim Vehon

Founder and CEO Foster Arizona

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