Outdoor Family Activities by Age Range

Ages 0-12

1. Create chalk art-

2. Make an outdoor scavenger hunt- neighborhood-scavenger-hunt-page-1

3. Make a Neighborhood Bear Hunt- Put a stuffed teddy bear somewhere in your home that would be visible from the sidewalk outside (such as in a window, by the front door, or on the porch) and encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same.

While families are out for a walk to get a break from being in the house, or are out for a drive to do the same, kids can search for bears like they are going on a real bear hunt just like in the children’s book Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen.
Going on the actual bear hunt doesn’t have to be the end of the adventure, and you can tie in many educational activities for various ages as well! Here are some ideas to further extend the learning:
  • Read the book “Going on a Bear Hunt” by Michael Rosen before heading out, or even better yet, watch the author himself perform a reading of it on YouTube. He is so animated! (ELA)
  • Use the free printable to make a prediction and to track how many bears of different colors your child can find. After you are finished, tally the different colors and find out how many bears were spotted in total and discuss how it compared to their original prediction. (Math)
  • Have your child draw a map of the bear hunt. (Art, Geography)
  • Get active with Cosmic Kids Yoga “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” (PE)
  • Sing along with the Kidboomers in their catchy rendition of the book. (Music)


Ages 13+

1. Take the dogs and family for a walk around your neighborhood daily during lunch breaks or go for a family bike ride
2. Make colorful signs and set them up in someone’s yard for a birthday or to brighten someone’s day
3. Set up a family exercise competition in your garage, get the whole family to challenge themselves
4. If you have a swimming pool or jacuzzi, dare the family to a polar bear plunge
5. Plan, shop, and put together a Do-It-Yourself project for your backyard with your family or update and give new life to patio furniture or planters that could use some sprucing up
6. Set up an obstacle course for your dog, younger siblings or entire family
Michelle Lloyd
Foster Arizona Team and Adoptive Mom of young children
April Meyer
Foster Arizona Team and Mom of teens

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