Personal Blunders and All the Wonders

Personal Blunders

-Shame Shame. Our family fits in a minivan. Sometimes I feel bad that I am not driving a giant 12 passenger van! But I’m an ASW – Asian Woman Driver! Nobody wants me driving a vehicle that big. Nobody. I sometimes shame myself for not doing more. And I really need to quit doing that. We all do.

-Take A Chill Pill. I was so high strung with my first two kids! I was a seriously borderline psychotic Helicopter Mom. It was stressful for everyone. The kids. Me. My husband. Innocent bystanders. But I’d like to think that I have grown, matured, gotten better at relaxing and letting the kids make their own mistakes. So I guess I am more of a hip Drone Mom, than an antiquated Helicopter Mom.

-Hero Complex. I used to feel like I had to do Everything for Everyone. Bath time? I got it. Bed time? All over it. Meals? Made em. Clean up? Yup. And it was exhausting! Why did I think I had to give my kids every bath and read every bedtime story? Like I was depriving them of something if I wasn’t in charge of it all. I like doing those things – but I operated like I was obligated to do all those things, for all four kids. And when I finally decided to stop, ask for help, and sit down every once in awhile, things ran way better and smoother than when I tried to muster up all my strength to do everything myself.  

All the Wonders

-Team Player. We are part of a magnificent team. Our Support Group, consisting of friends, our church Small Group, and some members of our family, is unrivaled in awesomeness. When we get a placement, they show up with diapers, coffee, food, clothes, and arms to hold the baby. It is a beautiful thing to be a part of! But when they need something – we make sure to reciprocate! When our friends are down – we make sure we are also there to help pick them up. Because that’s what it means to be part of a team. Everyone helps everyone to win. At life.

Jihae Watson

Foster/Adoptive Mom

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