Question: Are kids in foster care able to do regular activities?


In many of our Meet the Kids videos, ( , you will hear the kids talk about how they desire to have more experiences in life. From my experience, those involved in caring for kids in foster care desire for them to have as much normalcy as possible. You will see these amazing kids on the school track teams, football teams, etc. Kids are not limited in what they can be involved in because they are in care but, can be limited due to resources. If a kid is placed in a shelter or group home, the staff may not have the time to split between taking  all of the kids to extra curricular activities. Many kids already have additional appointments needed to work through trauma or medical issues that take priority.  


Foster homes are typically better at involving kids in extracurricular activities but can also face time and budget limitations. Arizona Friends of Foster Children is an amazing organization that helps alleviate the financial limitation that keeps kids from getting involved in activities. They have been in Arizona since 1984 and work to provide kids in foster care opportunities that they would otherwise not be able to have by providing scholarships. You can learn more about them here:


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