Question: Are there any extra financial supports for kinship families taking care of kids in foster care?

Yes! Kinship families qualify for financial and non financial resources. Here is a list of resources provided to Kinship families under state statutes (A.R.S. 8-514.03)

D. A kinship foster care parent may be eligible to receive the following financial services for the child:

1. Full foster care benefits, including payment if the kinship foster care parent becomes a licensed foster care home.
2. Temporary assistance for needy families cash assistance payments for a child only case and supplemental financial support.

E. The department shall establish procedures for child welfare workers to inform kinship foster care families about available financial and nonfinancial services and eligibility requirements and shall assist the families in completing the necessary application.

F. If a family declines to apply for financial services, the family shall sign a statement indicating that the family declined services. The statement does not prevent the family from making application in the future. The worker shall provide a copy of the statement to the family.

G. The department shall provide nonfinancial services for a kinship foster care parent through existing means or referral. Nonfinancial services may include:
1. Family assessment.
2. Case management.
3. Child day care.
4. Housing search and relocation.
5. Parenting skills training.
6. Supportive intervention and guidance counseling.
7. Transportation.
8. Emergency services.
9. Parent aid services.
10. Respite services.
11. Additional services that the department determines are necessary to meet the needs of the child and family.

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