Question: Can I foster if I work?

Yes! You do not have to have a stay-at-home adult to foster. Some agencies have restrictions on what ages you can foster if there is not a stay-at-home parent or give limitations on how many hours a week a parent can have a child in daycare so, we recommend that you ask these questions during the process of picking an agency. I would also consider letting your work know you are in the process of becoming a foster parent to learn if they will work with you upon placement. You are required to meet certain timelines for medical appointments and rapid responses that can make the first few days of placement a little crazier than the rest.

Additional tidbit of information: Children in foster care do qualify for daycare/preschool assistance through DES. You can choose a facility that is licensed with DES and receive assistance with tuition. It is important to ask the facility if there is a copay above what is covered under DES so that you know what your financial responsibility will be.

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