Question: Can I pick how many kids I foster?


Absolutely. There is no requirement that you open your home to a certain number of kids. Most newly licensed foster parents are licensed for 1 or 2 children. When my husband and I got licensed, we had decided we only wanted to foster 1 child. A month after he was placed with us, we learned that his sibling was going to be born and were asked if we would be willing to take her into our home. We made the decision to say yes but it was our choice to make.


It is important to know that you do have a voice as a foster parent and you can make the decision of what you can and cannot do based on what is best for your family. A lot of kids will come into foster care with siblings. If you are fostering as a single adult, we recommend you process what you would do with someone you trust and is a support in your life. If you are fostering as a couple, talk about what you would do in advance so that you are not taken by surprise if or when the question arises.


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