Question: Holidays are hard for our foster child. How do I help them with Easter coming up?

This is not uncommon for kids that are in or have gone through foster care. Recently this conversation came up in one of my kiddo’s counseling appointment. I appreciated the answer we received so, that is what I will share with you!


  • Choose to celebrate early or late. Maybe you ask the Easter Bunny to visit a day early so the pressure on the actual day decreases.


  • Make the day a little easier for them. One example I was given is ,“If you have an autistic child, you take into consideration what they can handle and scale the day to them.” You can choose to do the same for your foster child.


  • Move forward with your initial plans and understand/expect there may be some negative behaviors that you will need to work through/manage day of.


Whatever you choose, my recommendation is to find ways to meet them where they are, let them know they are loved and accepted, and allow them to take space when needed.

Thank you for your great question! If you have questions, send them to #youaskedfa or

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