Question: How do kids in foster care sign up for your kid connection events?

We have some events that are open to kids in all forms of foster placement, but the majority of our Kid Connection Events are geared towards kids in group home settings. We focus on these kids because group homes tend to be run by rotating staff where all the kids in the home are in foster care, while kinship and foster home placements are considered the least restrictive type of placement, and have more typical parental figures in the home. We desire to be more intentional about connecting group home kids to the community around them and helping the community to do the same in return. If you have volunteered at an event with us, you will see us push mentors, fostering, and CASA opportunities heavily because having a consistent adult in a kid’s life make a huge impact on their future.

If you would like to recommend a group home for future events, please email us their contact information and we will reach out to connect with them.

Thank you for your great question! If you have questions, send them to #youaskedfa or

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