Question: I am looking at adopting a child out of state. Do you recommend this?

There are a lot of kids out of state that are in need of families so, I would never say do not adopt a child out of state. What I would say is, there are a lot of kids in Arizona that are adoptable and looking for their forever families as well. I would recommend talking with your licensing agency and even the DCS adoption unit prior to placing an inquiry on an out of state child.

When you are a potential match for a child within the state, it makes it easier for your family to connect and have interactions with the child. This allows the child to see if they feel like they would fit into your family as well as see if you feel confident that your family is equipped to meet their needs. Having a child join your family is a big deal for the child and the family. The best thing for everyone is time to ensure a fit so that the child does not disrupt. Just over 20% of adoptions disrupt each year and no child deserves to experience this.

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