Question: I have concerns about my foster child and am not getting any help. What can I do? 

If you are a foster parent and have hit a wall, there are a couple of options to try:


  1. Call your child’s case manager. If you have not received the help needed from them…


  1. Call their supervisor listed on your Notice to Provider and your agency licensing specialist (if applicable). If you still are not receiving the help needed…


  1. Call the dedicated foster and kinship parent warm line at 1-877-KIDSNEEDU (1-877-543-7633) and select option 3. The warm line exists to help “provide licensed foster parents with information, assistance with authorizations for services, timely communication, and support.” ( They can also help you identify the next person in the chain of command if needed. If you have gone up the chain and still not received any help or resolution, move to step 4.


  1. File a grievance with the Ombudsman’s office. “The DCS Ombudsman’s Office assists parents and guardians who are involved with DCS, their families and other interested parties when they are dissatisfied with services, actions or lack of actions, or their treatment by DCS staff.  The DCS Ombudsman’s Office will review your complaint and determine the type of response needed.” Their phone number is 602-277-7292.


We always recommend knowing your rights as a foster parent (see: and being up to date on current laws that affect you as a foster parent. If you have any questions, feel free to email us!


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