Question: Is it really possible to co-parent with the birth family?

As foreign as it might sound, co-parenting is not only possible but can be incredibly rewarding. It is important to talk with a child’s case manager about safety concerns in regards to a child’s birth family as well as understand your agency’s policies prior to connecting with the birth family. Safety of all involved should always remain the number one priority.

Sometimes, connecting with the birth family can be as simple as sending a communication notebook back and forth during visitations so that you can share any important information that has happened in a child’s life. Other times it can entail involving the parents in doctor visits, birthday celebrations, first haircuts, and other important events in their child’s life. Co-parenting increasing the trust birth families have in the foster family as they are able to see that the foster family is not trying to shut them out and act like they do not exist but instead is trying to encourage them to be successful. It also helps lesson the confusion for kids in care as they see the important adults in their life working together instead of apart.

Here is Brooke and Joey’s story on how co-parenting affects everyone involved:

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