Question: Is there a maximum age to foster?

Question:  Is there a maximum age to foster?  (Pam L)

 Although there is a minimum age for being a foster parent (21 years old), there is currently not a maximum age limit.  Anyone who makes the decision to become a foster parent is required to be medically, physically, and emotionally capable of caring for a child.  To ensure this, potential foster parents are asked to fill out a health disclosure and have a physical performed by a physician of their choosing. The physician will fill out a form that is one-sided giving limited information on the potential foster parent’s health.  This is one of the steps an agency will help walk potential parents through and will include in the home study that is submitted to the state licensing office.

We have had the pleasure of meeting many foster families that have grown children and have opened up their hearts to caring for kids that are currently in foster care. If you are considering fostering or adoption, check out the upcoming orientations.


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