Question: May is Foster Care Awareness Month. Is there something I can do to bring awareness?


When Foster Arizona first began, I was told that it takes 7 touches before a person would consider getting involved in foster care. It could be through movies watched, books read, experiencing a relative entering foster care, or a close friend starting the journey of fostering. It could also be through social media, exposure to newspaper articles, blogs, videos, events, etc. that have been shared by people in your circle of influence. You never know what will be the final thing that moves someone into action.

During the month of May, I hope you will consider being a part of bringing awareness through sharing things about foster care that have impacted you but, more so, I hope that bringing awareness to foster care is not limited to one month. We all have the power to share things that bring foster care to light every day. And, we know that knowledge is key to action. You never know the difference that one person could make if they only knew what needed to be done.

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