Question: What do I do if I suspect abuse going on with my neighbor?

If your radar is going off that something is not right and a child is in danger and/or not receiving the care they require (food, water, shelter, education, clothing, etc.), the best thing to do is:

• Call the Arizona Child Abuse Hotline—1-888-SOS-CHILD (1-888-767-2445)
If you feel that a child is in danger or is not getting their basic needs met, you will want to call that hotline and report the issue. They will be able to help you with the next steps.

If it is an issue of lack of resources, i.e. they are in need of help with food or paying their bills which is affecting their ability to provide for their kids, you may want to share with them the different community resources available for families. You can dial 2-1-1 or download their app to find the right place to go. Check out their website for more information by clicking here:

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