Question: What happens if I need to move out of state but I have a foster child?

If you are fostering a child and find out that you will be moving out of state, your fostered child will be moved to another placement in Arizona. Kids that are in foster care are considered wards of the state, which means they are required to stay in Arizona. An exception can be made if a child’s parental rights are already severed and the current family is working towards adoption, although this would have to be approved prior to the move and additional paperwork would be required.


In addition to being wards of the state, many kids in foster care without parental rights severed have visits with their birth families. Unless the court has deemed visitations as a safety concern or not in the best interest of the child, the parents have a right to visitations as part of the reunification efforts. This would not be possible if the child was moved out of state.

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