Question: What happens if some siblings are adopted and some are never adopted?

I never thought of this before being involved in the work we do. I remember meeting one youth participating in our Meet the Kids video who, two months prior to filming, had a brother adopted while he remained in group home placement. I remember talking to Bianca who had won our art contest and hearing her speak of her two brothers in another group home and her younger siblings that had been adopted. I recently had the conversation of what to do with a sibling group of three where the two older siblings were old enough that they are considered harder to place with an adoptive family, while their baby sibling would be easy to place on their own. Ideally they would stay together, but in order for that to happen, foster and adoptive parents have to be willing to consider something outside of what they may have initially thought they would be open to. Bianca shared with us that, when she turned 18, she was going to fight to see her younger siblings again. Here is a video inspired by her words:

Lucky Ones

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