Question: What is a Foster Arizona Kid Event?   

For me, one of the most frustrating aspects of foster care is how kids in care are viewed by the community they live in. Each day they encounter perceptions and prejudices just because they are in foster care; something completely out of their control. These perceptions and prejudices create a barrier in them being able to connect to people- something that is critical for their future success.

Foster Arizona’s Kid Events came out of a desire for kids in care to feel supported by the community while, at the same time, allowing the community to connect with the kids. We have found that meeting these kids drastically changes people’s views, not only of the kids but also Arizona’s foster care crisis.

We are currently looking for volunteers to be involved in our June 1st Kid Event. This will be a great opportunity to help young adults that are at risk for aging out of foster care learn to cook with David Traina, head chef at Liberty Market. Contact for more information on how to become a volunteer at this or future Kid Events.

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