Question: What is being done to help kids aging out of foster care?

Kids aging out of foster care is a huge concern of mine as well as many others in Arizona. As I meet with fellow foster care advocates that are working to make an impact for the kids, this continues to be high on everyone’s list. Arizona had almost 900 kids age out of foster care in 2016 alone and there seems to be this gap in how to make sure they are supported post foster care. I was encouraged to see that this issue is also being seen on a national level. Check out more about that by clicking here.



Foster Arizona is teaming up with other organizations to create a book to help kids in high school know what they need to do, both educationally and in filing paperwork, to meet their goals post high school. We are also looking into how we can connect them better with the community around them. This year we started our Kid Connection Event: Take a Child to Work that was specifically geared at the older foster care demographic with a goal of inspiring them in the potential jobs available as well as connecting them to people already in those fields. One way you can help make an impact with one kid at risk of aging out without connections is to mentor. Find out more about becoming a mentor by heading here.


We will continue to keep you posted on the developments in this area.
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