Question: What is it like to adopt?


On the day each of my children joined our family I was filled with joy, relief, love…for the first time they were truly mine and from that day forward I would forever be known as their mom. I would compare the feelings to what it was like in the hospital as we welcomed each of our birth children into our family. The anticipation for that day is similar to the anticipation for adoption day. Family is there. Memories are captured. Tears, laughter, and excited chatter fill the halls. These first moments where we finally shared a last name are forever etched in my heart.


Then real life goes on. Adopting is not all sunshine and rainbows because parenting is hard work.  Whether you became a parent through birthing a child or adopting, there will be incredible highs and equally challenging lows. Making the decision to adopt is making the commitment to ride the rollercoaster of life through it all. Sometimes it means holding on tight and surviving. Sometimes it’s being so proud that it seems like your insides could quite literally burst. Sometimes it is wishing they would stop growing and soaking in the sweetness of the now. I guess to sum it up, it is forever life changing.


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