Question: Why do the majority of your events cater to kids in group homes?

We would love to be able to provide more opportunities for all kids in foster care to connect with the community and enjoy the various events we put together but, for now, we have made kids in group home placements our priority.

We have interacted with several wonderful group homes that have been able to step in and fill the foster/kinship home void in Arizona. There are currently over 2,000 kids in foster care group home placement. Group homes are resourced by a rotating staff and house varying numbers of kids in foster care. Although they serve a needed purpose of providing a place for children in need of a home to stay, it is still important to connect these kids to the community around them. Our favorite result of our events is when community members attend, make a decision that they can step into the gap, and then move forward in making a difference for Arizona’s kids.

Thank you for your great question!

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