Question: Why do their parents not want them?

Some children do come into foster care because they are not wanted by their birth family but, they are not the majority. Most of the kids who come into foster care are there because of safety concerns that warrant state involvement. These concerns can be caused by physical abuse, sexual abuse, or neglect. Neglect has been and continues to be the number one reason that kids are coming into care, with substance abuse being the leading form of neglect that causes kids’ needs not being met.

At Foster Arizona, we do our best to educate the community on what is going on in foster care and to create a place where questions like this can be asked and answered, with the intent of improving the quality of life for the kids in foster care. Every kid needs to know they are wanted and they have a place to belong.  As a community, the more we help kids to realize this and squash the perception that kids in care are not wanted, the better their connection will be in the community and, as a result, their lives in general.


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