Question: Why does it take so long to become a licensed foster parent? 

Believe it or not, the time it takes to become licensed is a question that has been discussed at many levels of leadership. The hope has been to work on a plan that will shorten the time for qualified families. Currently, every potential foster and adoptive family must go through PS-MAPP training. Standard training takes 10 weeks and, depending on your agency, some agencies require additional training extending the time frame from 11- 13 weeks. Some agencies offer an expedited version of the classes (same amount time but more hours per day). What training is required is a good question to ask when interviewing agencies.


After training is completed, each family must pass a home inspection insuring all safety requirements are met. Then, the selected agency submits the family’s home study to the Office of Licensing, Certification, and Regulations (OCL) for approval. The process from start to finish typically takes 4-6 months.


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