Thankful 2017

Happy Thanksgiving! As I am reflecting on all the things I personally have to be thankful for, I am also thinking of all the things we are thankful for at Foster Arizona. Here is our top ten list!

10. Being a part of a community that truly care about kids. The community never ceases to amaze us at their willingness to get involved in helping make a positive impact on the lives of kids in foster care.

9. Every person who has been open enough to share their personal story. Your openness and love breaks down walls that were built out of fear and the unknown. Together, we have told over 100,000 people this year alone that kids in foster care deserve our love.

8. Organizations that link arms to positively connect with families and kids in foster care. From meeting basic needs to advocating for families and kids, it takes us all and I am grateful for each of you.

7. The CASAs, Mentors, and other volunteers that have taken the time and effort to personally connect with a child. You are making a difference, one life at a time!

6. The state employees, judges, lawyers, and others that fight for the well-being of kids and work to bring families back together through helping stabilize families.

5. Foster and Adoptive parents who stand on the front lines for the kids they have been entrusted with day in and day out. You know what it means to advocate, to put someone else’s needs before your own desires, and to fight for hope and their futures.

4. Every volunteer that has spent the day with Foster Arizona to share an experience with a child, help them have fun, and make a positive connection in their lives. Today, volunteers and MomDoc are partnering with Foster Arizona to makie it possible for 120 kids to have a special Thanksgiving day filled with laughter and as much normalcy as possible.

3. Our donors. None of what we do would be possible without your generous financial support. Thank you for believing that, together, we can impact the lives of Arizona’s kids.

2. Leaders. I may be biased but, I truly believe that Foster Arizona has some of the hardest working leaders around. Their talent, passion for kids, and willingness to dig in to get where we need to go has made Foster Arizona who we are today.

1. Smiles. Life for kids in foster care is not easy so, every time we capture a smile or see real joy from kids in foster care, I am grateful. Every child deserves to have experiences that allow them to just be a kid.


We wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!

Kim Vehon

Founder and CEO/ Foster Arizona

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