The Gift of Presence: Normalcy

When I was growing up I used to hate Christmas. We wouldn’t get any presents and it was really hard for our family. The only thing that we would do is probably get a ham or a turkey and make some mashed potatoes and that was our Christmas. When I got to the group homes it became harder because everybody was giving us a bunch of presents and we weren’t used to it and it made me feel like they were trying to tell us that they can do better than my family when it came to Christmas, so every year after was dreadful when it came close to the holidays. One of my house managers had asked me why I hated it so much and I told her that it made me feel like my family wasn’t good enough. She had told me that it wasn’t anyone’s intention to make me feel bad about Christmas. She told me that the people who donated presents to our group homes and foster families are just trying to make sure we, as foster kids, aren’t left out and that they want to have the opportunity to give a blessing. And who am I to tell them they aren’t allowed to give a blessing?Even though Christmas is still a harder time for me, I enjoy being able to be a part of the blessings Christmas gives.


Foster Arizona Housing Project Participant


Our First Foster Arizona Housing Project Community Christmas Celebration with donated gifts and the gift of presence from volunteers.

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