The More You Know

If you say, “The more you know,” whether it is out loud or loudly in my head, I will be singing the tag for the public service campaign that has been running ads for years to educate the public on a multitude of issues. I may not remember all the content they’ve pushed my way but, that tagline has managed to live on.

There is truth in that statement. Becoming educated empowers you with a choice that otherwise you would not have even known to consider. Throughout history we have seen knowledge change what was to what is now. The more you know….the more you do, the more you care, the more you advocate, the more you dream.

May, which is National Foster Care Month, is a month we are all challenged to learn more about foster care and I want to challenge you that your knowledge of foster care matters. Currently, it matters to 17,000 kids in state custody that depend on the decisions made for them by those the community has empowered to do so. It matters to the families whose children have been removed. It matters to the non-profits and advocates who are entrenched in this issue day in and day out. It matters to the state employees who tirelessly fight to ensure the safety of kids.

We are committed to helping you become educated on the complex world of foster care and not just for the month of May. We believe that within our incredible community there are people who hold the answers to the challenging problems within our foster care system- they just don’t know it yet. I am thankful for all those who have helped me to see what is in the world of foster care because it has opened my mind to dream of what could be. I firmly believe dreamers become world changers when filled with the fire of reality.

Who’s ready to dream with me?


Kim Vehon

Founder/CEO Foster Arizona

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