The Power of a Moment

In the blink of an eye, everything can change. All it takes is talking with one of the 19,000 kids in Arizona’s foster care system to see how true that statement can be. The kids we get the privilege of spending time with have gone through many moments filled with fear, pain, loss, unmet expectations, rejection, and the list continues to go on. They are survivors. They are overcomers. But, deep down, they are still kids.

At Foster Arizona, we capture some of their stories on video as they share their hopes and dreams.

Brayden Logan

We work endlessly to see just one more child connect with a family that will love and care for them- where they can feel normal, safe, and loved.

We want you to meet them. We want you to know how special they are. We want you to feel empowered to impact their lives. We believe that positive moments can bring about hope in a situation that feels hopeless at times. This month, we have the incredible opportunity to offer one of these moments to kids currently in foster care living in group homes. With your help, these kids will have an opportunity to forget their circumstances and just get to be a normal kid getting a once in a lifetime experience with the Suns, positive interactions with adults from the community, and endless possibilities for lifelong impact.

We hope you will consider sponsoring a child. Please click here for more information :

For information on more ways to get involved in these kids’ lives, contact us at

Kim Vehon
CEO/Founder Foster Arizona

Photo Credit: Ray2 Photography

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