Together We Will Make a Difference

Kids Connection_04.28_004Helen Keller said, “Alone we can do so little but together we can do so much.” This is true in so many areas of life and especially in the world of foster care. With over 19,000 kids in care, none of us have the ability to fix this crisis alone but, together, a solution is possible.

Yesterday, we partnered with Child Crisis Arizona and Arizona 1.27 to hold our first Kid Connection Event geared specifically toward influential church leaders from congregations of varying sizes and styles. We connected with kids in care, shared real stories from the front lines, and were honored to have Director Gregory McKay speak on how community involvement is a critical part of ending this crisis. Although there were numerous highlights and great connections made, my personal favorite moments came through watching the leaders interact with the kids. We believe that it is impossible to meet these kids, to really connect with them, and not be forever changed.Kids Connection_04.28_001

We do not know the full impact our time together will have. The story is still being written. What we do know is that 9 churches, 3 organizations, and the state came together for a day filled with education, hope, and inspiration. Together we will make a difference.

Kim Vehon

CEO – Foster Arizona




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